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East meets West in this class, with a selection of healthy dishes inspired by the cuisine of South East Asia, including Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Join us on our culinary adventure to the Orient with uncomplicated recipes designed around easily sourced ingredients. You’ll soon be spicing up your home cooking with a touch of the exotic.

Fish and Seafood

A healthy diet should include at least two portions of fish a week. With such wide choice, you need never be stuck in a rut, but sometimes it can be a challenge to ring the changes. On this course you’ll learn a range of cooking techniques – including shellfish know-how – and prepare tasty dishes from family favourites to supper party sensations. We also teach you how to choose the freshest fish and save money by filleting your own. The bones make great stock.

Professional Kitchen

Want to see how the restaurants do it? Always wondered how they produce dishes in minutes that take you an hour? In this course we will make some popular dishes that will give that wow factor but also let you see how to make it easy for yourself to do at home for any occasion.

Sweet Treats

This course is for the sweet toothed among us. We will make a selection of puddings and cakes that will have even the biggest pudding fiends satisfied. As well as your goodie bag of treats to take home with you, our chefs will also prepare something savoury for lunch to break up the day. From melt in your mouth shortbread to smooth passionfruit possets and petit fours, we really will have a busy day.


Learn how to make fresh and delicious Indian recipes which will put any take away classic to shame. We will show you how easy it is to create simple yet impressive and delicious dishes and equip you with the knowledge of the basic ingredients and how to source them. Don’t be overwhelmed by lengthy and difficult recipes, these dishes produce beautiful Indian Cuisine without the stress. A happy marriage of traditional and modern styles with inspiration from all over India.

Flavours of the Med

The Med has some of the tastiest, simple and freshest dishes on the planet. Our chefs have planned a great menu of dishes and dips that will show you how tasty they can be, and cheaper than buying it from the shops.

Seasonal Special

With the growing requirement for knowing where our food comes from, seasonality is key. Cooking with locally sourced British produce, we will spend the day making an array of tasty dishes for you to use over the coming months from hearty soups in the winter to a delicate prawn and watermelon salad in the summer.


Our BBQ course takes the ordinary and bland barbeques and teaches you to transform them into wonderful full-flavoured food to serve up to family and friends. We’ll be using charcoal and gas on our small holding to create different ways of cooking such as smoking, grilling and roasting. Not only will this course be about the barbequing itself but we’ll also let you into a few marinating secrets and beautiful sides to serve alongside the meaty mains.


With Spanish cuisine offering such a great selection of produce and flavours there really is something for everyone. From light bites to heartier mains, we will cover a range of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes that will tick all the boxes for both quick dinners and parties alike.